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Ewe Two-Tone Green and Red (Close Up).jp

The Dehye Collective by Evelyn Bertrand

For many years Evelyn worked in the corporate sector, as a lawyer. Once her eyesight started deteriorating, she was forced to leave what she had always known, to charter the unknown and to rediscover herself and rediscover a new vision for her life.

Having been diagnosed with a form of Macular dystrophy (Stargardt’s disease), Evelyn decided to embark on a new journey, to carve a new path and rediscover another of her lifelong passions. Evelyn has always had a flare for fashion, a taste for art. With this, her new vision came to life: the love for fabrics, bright colours and textures.

Inspired by her culture and her love of fabrics, Evelyn aims to share these incredible Ghanaian crafted pieces with the world.

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